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What we do...

We have a wealth of experience as leaders within multi-national organisations, so we understand the challenges and issues faced at all levels.


We enable individuals, teams and organis-ations to be the best they can be by unlocking untapped potential.

What makes us unique...

We will only take on work for a client when we believe we can make a real difference. We believe every individual is unique and there-fore their requirements are unique – our service will be sure to make the difference you are looking for.

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We run open workshops on the following topics:


• Developing Resilience for Sustained Performance - click to read more


• Increasing Resilience


• Effective Relationships


• Personal Impact


• Foundations of NLP


• Managing Stress




Developing Resilience for Sustained Performance

Workshop outline


Who is the workshop aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to increase their capacity to handle the challenges of a high pressure environment or who wants to lead themselves and others more effectively through change and uncertainty.


What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to cope when times get tough and to bounce back from change and adversity. Each of us is born with a renewable capability for resilience – the built-in capacity to heal, regenerate and grow – how well we utilise this depends on many things; the number and types of demands on us, our attitudes and beliefs about the world and the skills we have learnt and mastered for dealing with our environment.


What is the course like?

Our two day ‘Developing Resilience’ course is unlike any management or leadership course you have been on before. The course is both participative and reflective and the two experienced trainers use innovative and creative techniques to enable participants to explore the topic of Resilience in both safe and challenging ways. The techniques learnt on the course can be immediately applied professionally and personally.


How does the training work?

Attendees are asked to complete a confidential pre-course questionnaire to assess their current pressures and current levels of Resilience.


The training takes place over two days, we run open programmes in Yorkshire or it can br run in-house at a venue of your choice.


Each participant has the opportunity to explore their current issues and challenges and to develop new techniques to overcome these. Attendees learn a huge amount from each other as well as from the trainers.


Each participant is then offered a follow-up telephone coaching session to encourage them to continue with the new techniques they have learnt on the course.


What are the topics covered?

The two day course covers:


• Exploration of what Resilience is and is not

• Examining our stressors and current ways of coping

• Developing a stress free relationship with our self

• Increasing our resilience level

• Taking care of our self

• Focusing and taking action on what is important

• Using our inner coach

• Choosing how we react to things

• Managing stress free relationships with others

• Action planning


What will participants learn?

After attending the course participant will:


• Understand that resilient attitudes and habits can be learned and know that they are proven to

   enhance performance, leadership and well-being at work

• Become more self reliant and balanced increasing their leadership presence and gravitas

• Improve their ability to understand and solve problems creatively and remain more optimistic

   under pressure

• Increase their adaptability, flexibility and confidence and acquire a stronger sense of being

   grounded and in control when faced

  with uncertainty

• Maintain performance and stamina during periods of high demand and be able to think clearly

   and logically under pressure

• Stay more motivated and focused and help maintain morale in others

• Change previous responses to pressure to more effective resilient ones