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What we do...

We have a wealth of experience as leaders within multi-national organisations, so we understand the challenges and issues faced at all levels.


We enable individuals, teams and organis-ations to be the best they can be by unlocking untapped potential.

What makes us unique...

We will only take on work for a client when we believe we can make a real difference. We believe every individual is unique and there-fore their requirements are unique – our service will be sure to make the difference you are looking for.

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Organisation Culture Change

Does the culture in your organisation support your business objectives?

Could your organisations culture be more constructive?


The Culture of an Organisation is key to its success.


What we mean by Organisational Culture is:

The basic assumptions, shared values and beliefs that guide the way people within an organisation behave toward each other and approach their work sometimes described as “The way we do things around here”


Research carried out on a number of organisations over a 12 year period  by Kotter and Heskett showed  that Organisations with constructive cultures showed a seven fold increase in profits verses those with defensive cultures who failed to even double their profits over the same period.


We use measurement tools designed to:-

• Measure current behavioural norms,

   processes and outcomes

• Identify levers for change


On the basis of research we help you to build a picture of the current culture and the desired future culture to support the business direction and then work with you to identify interventions to close the gaps.

• Highlight barriers to organisational effectiveness

• Develop strategies for improvement

• Monitor change and improvement over time